Good Company Wares :: Akiko Oguchi

Serape is no stranger to the fashion world, but when it comes to home decor many designers have yet to see the textile's full potential. Good Company Wares founder, Akiko Oguchi, leads the pack by transforming a collection of beautiful southwestern fabrics into chic tabletop and hanging planters, as well as storage buckets and cosmetic bags

Oguchi launched Good Company Wares in the summer of 2014 in Portland, OR. "I had a previous full time business handcrafting upcycled handbags and homewares," Oguchi explains. "I learned so much about running a handmade business that I was able to comfortably transition into GCo. full time rather quickly." In 2015, Oguchi relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where she handcrafts her line of products from a small workshop. 

Born and raised in Japan, Oguchi's products balance the refined minimalism of the Japanese aesthetic with the bright and expressive colors of the Southwest and South America. Her biggest hit are her planters. "I absolutely adore plants and have always had many plants around my house," says Oguchi. "I wanted a way to bring in more plants in my cozy kitchen without taking too much counter or table space. This is when I thought of making hanging planters. The planters are designed to hold a 4-inch pot perfectly and now I have them decorating my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. They make the most darling gifts too." We couldn't agree more.

With such a great product line, Oguchi's biggest challenge is keeping up with orders and, "managing my time while practicing solid self care." She purposely doesn't take on too much to allow herself to focus on the quality of her work. That said, Oguchi is working on a new product line collaborating with marginalized youths of low income San Francisco school districts. "When I practice positive thinking and work with my community, both giving and receiving help, beautiful and serendipitous things unfold."

Check out the Good Company Wares collection here.